Small Tribes Over Huge Lists

“The average person who buys ‘how-to’ information gets little or no results” —Frank Kern 

Wow. So how do you get results?

The more common recommendation is to be taking massive action. If you are wondering what that could mean to some people, check out this video. I’ll wait.

Right so now your back, well statistically I already lost most of you either through lack of interest or being thrown to YouTube where you got distracted by another video.

Rookie mistake, right? Get someone’s interest, you better keep it. Yup and you better convert them right away into a subscriber and then ascend them into a buyer as soon as possible.  

Stats on the typical conversion process usually yield on the lower end of the spectrum (1-5%). Yet as a little guy it’s to your advantage to play on a different ball field, one where it’s more about personalization rather than stats. See the big companies work a numbers game.

As a little guy you can’t compete with that because it’s a game where the one with most money wins. You have to be nimble and personal.

Nimble enough to be willing to use cutting edge tactics, adapt faster, respond to what is working right now, and co-create with your specific audience.

It’s where you focus on the person, not the stat. It’s what the larger companies use in their marketing and then turn around and throw their customers at a phone tree. You do it for real because that’s your advantage and because in some cases you have to…but what if you did it by choice?

Where you target and achieve the mythical 1000 true fans. Not subscribers but actual true fans. 

Of course you still need to use some of what the larger companies use. You still need systems in place, analysis, and some automation but it’s more strategic.

It’s where you are co-creating with your audience through behavioral response. Where you give them content, see how they respond, and then give them more based on their response. It’s responding to the actions they take which reveal their interests and allow you to target them with more of what they want.

It’s not a numbers game, it’s a people game. A larger company numbers game sees a typical roi of $1 per subscriber. Aren’t you worth more than $1? So is your audience. How do you make a switch?

It’s thanking people with a 15 second or less personal video for signing up to your webinar. It’s taking the time to write a short hand written note in with your product.

Let’s face it, the more the world moves towards AI, the more people will crave that personal interaction with a real person. As the little guy, you give that more than the big brands and sustain through what Jay Abraham calls the strategy of preeminence. 

It’s making a choice to say, this is how big I want to be and then defending that line against a culture that’s always saying you must always scale and grow bigger or die. 

It’s keeping heart in your business and with those you work with while allowing for profits. Being an artist and selling isn’t ugly. Wanting people to buy what you create isn’t ugly. It’s when a process of exchange as old as time gets corrupted by unregulated greed that the exchange of money gets ugly.

So what do you do? I don’t know what YOU should do however here are some thoughts…

Start by allowing your heart to guide you along with your mind. Take a look at someone like Kyle Cease and go deep into what life means to you.

Then take that meaning and weave it into your business. Start slowing down and really making a connection to those you serve. Establish a strategy of preeminence.

Or do nothing because you totally disagree with all of it. 

It’s up to you and what’s going to wack you on the side of the head. Maybe it’s cancer for you or someone you love. Maybe it’s a tragedy like a car accident or a break up. Or maybe you just read or hear something that hits you just right.

Whatever the wack on the side of the head is, you will know because it will reach down to your core and drag you back to being human.

We aren’t here to make, sell, or buy plastic widgets and then throw them into a huge landfill. We aren’t here to make money off of numbers on a screen or the backs of people who can’t even pay the rent.

We are here to inspire each other to greatness and the more we do that in all parts of our lives, the more the world will change.

I am not here to get anything from you, I am hoping to inspire you as I inspire myself to create more connected people and places. 

Yes I do sell products for a profit, yes I have affiliate items I want you to buy…yet I also know at the end of the day I want you to reach for something greater. That greater comes from selling to each other on a real individual basis so we all are better off, not just a few. 

Sell your own products, sell other people’s products, sell your services or others just make sure you can trust any of those to be worthwhile. Go deeper than the surface and weave heart into it all. 

Then you get off the content treadmill and connect with real people not subscribers.

Or just figure it’s all idealistic and continue to believe in the $1 per subscriber. Up to you. 

If you are interested in creating stories and interactions that matter, get started with these short challenges: