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Experiential Proof Workbook

Establish Street Cred

Congratulations on creating that online offer or course! Hard to sell without testimonials or reviews, right? Of course when you do get them people are less likely to trust they are real! That all changes when you use what I like to call experiential proof. Short term direct experience is 20X more powerful than any testimonial! What is experiential proof? It's all explained in the free workbook below which includes a video walk through on using it. Get the workbook and start in on real street cred that can't be faked!

Mini Creative Matrix Workshop

90% of people don't get results from an online course!!

It's staggering how popular online courses are while at the same time less than 10% of the people finish or get the intended outcome they signed up for! Not only that there are so many people jumping on to create online courses with no experience. Being an expert is one thing while the craft of teaching effectively is quite another.

The Mini Creative Matrix Workshop changes all that by providing what I like to call experiential proof. This takes a much deeper dive than my free workbook while also providing you with many almost done for you solutions along the way.

By the end of The Creative Matrix Workshop the right people are more than willing to get more from you. This means you not only get an engaged audience but also filter out those who aren't a good match.

Full Creative Matrix Roadmap

a system for ongoing co-creation with a dedicated tribe

Once you setup the Creative Matrix System you never have to rely on gurus again because your audience tells you all you need to know...both you and your audience benefit for an ongoing co-creative relationship that also eliminates all competition...This is a system where you are both the student and the teacher...

Each of these offers are handcrafted with dedication and are backed up by the same. If you have any questions, message me via voicemail below. It's easy just record, listen to make sure it's what you want and then hit send. I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. You have 360 seconds...because if you have gone 360 then you have gone around in a circle. Keeping it light people, keeping it light...talks soon!