Manifesto - Prelude to The Creative Matrix...

We are creators here to live an intentional life.

We have been trapped into a life of just paying the bills.

I want help in some small way to change all that via systems that tap into intentionally co-creating with the universe on a physical and metaphysical level. 

Co-creation happens all the time however there are many cultures which make it seem all an individual effort. Instead there is a way to intentionally tap into creating with other people and the universe on a regular basis...

All our lives we have been lead to believe we are just packages of meat with a lot of water and that’s it. That the universe is made up of nothing but cold, inert matter.

The real truth is the universe is alive, buzzing with all kinds of energy running at different frequencies and we are only able to perceive the tiniest fraction of…wouldn’t it be great to tap into all that?

The Creative Matrix provides tools for starting a process that leads to co-creating from sources on a physical and metaphysical level so that we use our full capacity to live an intentional life.

"What Got You Out of Egypt Won't Get You to the Promise Land"

Liberation from our old ways of thinking comes from tapping into the universe which is much more creative than any of us alone. To start this process we tap into our why, develop our voice, and connect with others who share the same or similar frequencies. That sharing and connecting allows those frequencies to build…

On a physical level it’s about connecting with and building a tribe which you then co-create with…to build that tribe means jumping in and helping them to initially solve a critical problem…solving that initial problem draws an initial audience to you…

Then it’s a matter of filtering that audience to a tribe of actively engaged people…it’s interacting with that tribe so that you learn and adapt intermixing your ideas with theirs…this is in effect co-creating with that tribe…

By creating ongoing solutions for them from a co-creative process, they support you as you support them…

To get there you need to know what problem to solve and then develop your voice to call people to you…all of this takes systems of learning what works and what doesn’t.

The beauty of all this comes from setting up initial systems and then building and tweaking according to feedback along the way…This means you are constantly a teacher and student at the same time which is part of the recipe for mastery of craft...

Experts can teach you basketball moves and give you feedback on your shooting however at the end of the day it’s just you and the ball.

Your level of mastery then is in your direct relationship with that ball.

Those that master the craft of basketball still practice the fundamentals. So it is with anything. In fact when you look at the Four Hour Chef Tim Ferriess points out there are only a few areas (usually 80% of the whole) to learn most things to achieve a good level of mastery.

Although you can delve into those other parts (the other 20% of the whole) you won’t noticeably improve compared to the time spent.

Knowing this to be true it’s often better to find out what those core areas are and get those down first then after that decide if you want to go further.

In this way you get a lot more reward and feelings of accomplishment over spending what some experts say you need - 10,000 hours.

Those quick wins at the beginning and on an ongoing basis provide a foundation and fuel to continue with a higher level of motivation.

The world is changing at a faster pace than most can teach...

Since the internet has come into our lives our world has changed at unheard of rates making learning anything an ongoing skill. In fact in many cases with such things as internet marketing you are better off learning a few core principles and then applying those right away so that you can work directly with an audience.

That direct contact and ability to apply ongoing learning methods means you stay in the loop of those changes.

In other words, by being in direct contact you stay highly relevant while many others might get lost learning principles in classes that may be obsolete by the time they go to use them.

In this sense you are always tweaking what gets results. 

There are a few a core systems to have in place. This way you will always know what’s working and what isn’t, what’s changed right now. You are always looking to tweak and update as needed when things change online or with your core tribe. 

You are always improving your procedures to consistently get better so that you might have more people get results faster or easier. 

In that sense while your system remains the same in terms of seeing what’s working and what isn’t, your procedures are fluid and will change and adapt over time to you and your tribes needs, wants, desires, and outer circumstances.

Fluidity is key rather than being stuck in rigid ways of doing things again you are looking to consistently achieve results despite ongoing changes.

There Are Three Main Systems to Have in Place:

Each of these fit together creating an ongoing synergy which fuels initial and ongoing interaction with your tribe...These interactions provide the foundation for ongoing co-creation of content and offers that support your tribe as they support you...


Ongoing direct and indirect research is essential for not only understanding core problems but also the language used...

Content Creation

Although content creation is key it doesn't need to be like a hamster wheel you feel like you can't get off from...


You need a map, know where you are on that map and see ongoing progress to your destination. Adjustment may be needed. Analytics offers all that and more...

Regardless of what you are doing online it all comes down to knowing what to create, who to create it for and then having a system for seeing what's working and what isn't.

 Regardless on if it's for a blog, an online program, online consulting or coaching you need to research, create, and then adapt. 

This is all part of what I call The Creative Matrix a full system for co-creating directly with your tribe and the universe.

One of the best ways to start a co-creative process is to create what I like to call "experiential proof"...It's direct experience with you that offers all the proof they need and can never be faked.

Sign up below for a cheat sheet and video walk through on setting up experiential proof. Although this type of proof works for everyone it's especially helpful for those who don't have existing testimonials and reviews for their online course, offer, or coaching program.

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